• UHA Complies with UK / EU laws

    and the Islamic Shariah.

  • UHA Complies with UK / EU laws

    and the Islamic Shariah.

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Nizar Boga from London's Islamic Cultural Centre said that although the Qurbani is recognised as an essential part of Eid, it is not "fard" or compulsory. It is "sunnah" or optional. He said: "My advice to everybody is to start being sensible about it..."Read More

The Universal Halal Agency Ltd., UHA is a responsible organisation that is widely experienced and..."Read More

Councillor Mahmmod Hussain from Walthamstow London arranged an event titled “How halal is Halal” in Council Chamber at Town Hall. The Guest Speakers were Mr. Nizar Boga and..."Read More

MeatInfo.co.uk discovered that none of the food served by LCC schools was certified by the HMC, rather a mix of several agencies, including the Universal Halal Agency (UHA), the Halal Food..."Read More

Even snowy conditions couldn’t keep Government officials, global meat producers,Muslim groups dealing with Halal Accreditation and other industry representatives from this..."Read More

Killing requires Member States to lay down rules on penalties and..."Read More

Regulation 1099/2009 permits Member States to maintain stricter national rules aimed at ensuring greater protection of animals at the time of killing. These can be used to maintain higher standards of..."Read More

This explanatory memorandum has been prepared by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and is laid before..."Read More

One of the fastest growing food industries is halal industry. It is therefore the halal food industry is a very crucial for Muslims around the world as it helps to ensure them that the food consumed is shari‘ah compliant..."Read More

Below are some of the approved and official Halal authentication bodies from countries around the world. Please use this guide as..."Read More

All of our halal meat is pre-stunned prior to slaughter and we are certified by The Universal Halal Agency. Similarly, much of what..."Read More

'Developed by serious eaters’, 'for serious eaters' is our motto and we mean it! You do not have to worry as we promote halal through a number of UK Halal Committees including..."Read More

In July Nizar Boga, chief executive of the Universal Halal Agency which audits consumables to ensure that they comply with..."Read More

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